ScoreBoardEditor 1.0.4

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ScoreBoardEditor 1.0.4

Post by Schock on Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:44 pm

ScoreBoardEditor 1.0.4

The current version includes the following features:

Edit the position of all elements of the scoreboard
Edit the size of all elements of the scoreboard
No zLib import/export is needed (you can simply open unnamed_863.bin with the editor)

The use of the editor is very simple:
Export the file "unnamed_863.bin" from cv_0.img (for excample with GGS).
Open the file with the ScoreBoardEditor.
Edit the values you want to edit.
Save the file.
Import the file into cv_0.img.

Some Tips:
With the scale-attribute you can only stretch a element.
With the width-attribute you can make a element more wider,
with the height-attribute you can make it more heigher.
(The best is you test it by yourselft)
Change the values only in small steps. After changing a value start the game and made a screen from the game.
Next time you have change a value, make a new Screen and compare the screen with the old screen. Now you see what happens and you can move the element easyer.

Scoreboard Editor 1.0.4

Remember: .NET Framewort 2.0 must be installed!

ninuzzu (for scoreboard template and positionvalues)
FCH and 222 (for betatesting)



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Re: ScoreBoardEditor 1.0.4

Post by gagi on Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:22 pm

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