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Post by Schock on Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:30 pm


This is an experimental kitserver module. It allows to organize your BIN-files into folders on disk, instead of inserting them into AFS(*.img) files, which is sometimes a pain, and may require a lot of extra disk space.

Str@teG came up with this idea of organizing BINs into folders, and now it is possible using this new module - afs2fs.dll. I know that personally i was often reluctant to install some patches that required an AFS-rebuild, not because it's difficult or anything, but because it can be time-consuming and disk-space-hungry. With afs2fs, this is now very easy: you just put the BIN into correct folder and that's it. Obviously, there are no size constraints - the bins can be as large as needed.

DOWNLOAD (234K) 25392205

How to install:
1. You will need a kitserver 7 (doesn't have to be the latest version though)
2. Put afs2fs.dll into kitserver folder - alongside other DLLs.
2. In kitserver folder, create a new folder named img, and then inside that one, create folders, as needed, named - cv_0.img, cv_1.img, rs_e.img, and so for. That's where you're going to be putting the BIN-files. (It's important to name the folders correctly: a folder must have exactly the same name as the corresponding AFS-file. For instance, if you call a folder cv_0, instead of cv_0.img, things will not work.).
See readme.txt and the example with Del Piero's face.

3. In config.txt, add a line to load afs2fs.dll:

dll = zlib1.dll
dll = libpng13.dll
dll = kserv.dll
dll = lodmixer.dll
dll = afs2fs.dll

...4. Together with the afs2fs.dll, there's an example with cv_0.img folder, and faces_1951.bin (Del Piero's face, made by Ronie). You can name the files whichever way you want, but you must follow one rule: there must be a BIN number in the name, and it must be preceded by an underscore character ('_').

Examples of correctly named files:
unknow_8 (.bin extension is optional)

Examples of incorrectly named files:
unnamed10.bin - no underscore symbol before the BIN number.
face.bin - no BIN number.


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Re: AFS2FS.dll

Post by vasa on Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:04 pm

jer neko probao ovo ?

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