Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Patch 1.0

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Patch 1.0

Post by Schock on Mon Jan 28, 2008 9:17 pm

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Patch 1.0

Version 1.0


- New personal grass texture for all PES 2008 Stadiums ( 24 turfs total (Day + Night) )
- New patterns (3) for every stadium
- Real adboards for Estadio do Dragao, Santiago Bernabeu, San Siro stadiums
- New black-style adboards for all other PES stadiums
- Removed sandbags around the net
- Changed back net post


- All EPL kits
- All National team kits
- Most new Serie A kits
- New EPL fonts and numbers
- Fixed fonts and numbers for many Serie A & LFP teams
- New fonts and numbers for all National team kits


- New faces for Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Tevez, Eto’o, Messi, Valdez, Panucci, Toure, Diarra, Adebayor, Torres, Gerrard, Vicente, Quaresma, Kaka, David Villa, Miguel, Carew, Saviola, Carrick, Agger, Scholes, Van Der Vaart, Pauleta and many many more…


- New ball pack with Nike Mercurial Veer UEFA, Nike Mercurial Veer, Nike Total 90 Aerow II 07-08 (Red/White), Nike Total 90 Aerow II EPL 07-08, Nike Total 90 Aerow II 07-08 (Purple/Yellow), Adidas Teamgeist, Adidas Finale 7, Adidas EuroPass, Umbro X-III and more…
- Real photos previews
- Correct ingame ball names


- New boot pack with Nike T90 Laser White, Adidas Predator Powerswerve Black, Nike MVIII Argon Blue and more…
- Ingame boot previews


- New glass-style national and competition logos
- New HD 64x64 and 128x128 club logos
- New player position logos
- PS 2 gamepad
- FIFA Fair Play banner
- ESPN logo on replay, statistics screen and highlights
- ESPN scoreboard
- New League Mode screen
- New Cup Mode screen ( Personally for EURO 2008, FIFA World Cup 2010 and ect. )
- New glass style logos in Edit mode

Option File

- All real transfers
- Fixed names, numbers, formations for Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Italy, Sweden and England national teams
- Correct formations for top European clubs
- All EPL players have real back name curve and font spacing
- Fixed kit models and collars


- Kitserver 7.0.5
- Fixed settings.exe (all resolutions up to 1280x1024)


- UEFA Champions League Adboards (patch adboards + CL adboards on unlicensed stadiums)
- X-Box gamepad (for those who prefer XBOX pads instead of PS 2)
- 16-9 Screen mode fix for ESPN scoreboard

Important! Read before install!

- If you using 16:9 screen mode – copy cv_0 folder from Add-ons/16-9/ to PES 2008 Patch Install/ before installing
- Patch will automatically replace your option file, settings.exe and PES 2008.exe

Recommended to backup your cv_0.img, cv_1.img, rv_e.img, settings.exe, option files

1) Open PES 2008 Patch 1.0.exe -> Choose your game directory -> Press Install
2) Go to your PES 2008 Directory -> PES 2008 Patch Install -> AFS Explorer -> AFS Explorer
3) Go to -->file --> Import AFS file
4) Now go to PES 2008 directory/img and select cv_0.img and click open
5) Now AFS Explorer will open up the cv_0.img file.
6) With cv_0.img open in AFS Explorer, click -->Action -->Import Folder and select the cv_0 folder from PES 2008 Patch Install/
7) "One or more files need more space than they have reserved. You need to rebuild the AFS file to insert them. Do you want to rebuild the AFS file" --> Click YES
Cool Choose new temporary name for the file eg 'cv_0new.img'
9) Wait for it to rebuild
10) "AFS regenerated successfully! Now files will be updated" -->click OK
11) Importing files box appears, followed by confirmation of importing completion.
12) "Do you wish to open the new file?" (or similar message) >Click NO
13) Wait for it to finish then close AFS Explorer.
14) Go to you C:/ProgramFiles/KONAMI/pes2008/img folder and move your original cv_0.img somewhere safe or rename it cv_0backup.img or something
15) Rename your cv_0new.img to cv_0.img

16) Repeat the procedure for cv_1.img and rv_e.img


Special thanks to Roamer for collecting national team kits, fixing kit models and collars, adding new fonts and numbers and creating bootpack special for this patch

- Stadiums Frenkie, Ninuzzu
- Kits Dark Nero, El_Gordito, Gu3d4, Hello, Jumberto, Serginho7, The_Juice, Francole, FrankTitas, ProXimO, jvinu2000, biker_jim_uk, dPM_HeMan, Chr!s, SimonHibsey, Dark Nero, V@DER, Yogui, Billy
- Faces sZ0lpAs, KingBob, Divex, Lobo, Giovani, Ume, Ronie, BILAK, m.FaTiH, The Kadir, Gunner, Don_rxf, Fran_CB, bartek-brt, VictoriuS, Valfourrecity, DaNi, Fresco90, Manduca#11, Klear, EricVN, McZi, k1k@w1, Mulder, Amir And Reza, foxsel, Ronaldinho-10, rooss8, eXtreme, Pijuelo, El Fluppe, 7_David_Villa
- Balls _Dert_, neuq
- Boots Paul81118, lobo
- Graphics jacksion1984, ProXimO, PlaManU, Derek (FM 2008), Ninuzzu, FCH
- Option file PATe.Arminia, , Nadeem979
- Other Robbie, _Dert_


Do not export and share the files from this patch without permission
Do not use the files from this patch in creating your patches without permission

Download: Link


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Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Patch 1.0

Post by vasa on Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:05 pm

jer ovaj patch vec imamo ?

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